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Prior Art Search

A prior art search includes a search of databases for issued U.S. patents and pending U.S. patent applications. After the search is completed you will receive a “search report” which provides a summary of the patents found.


Timeline: 2-3 days from project kickoff to having a prior art search report in your hands.


  • An optional 30-minute phone consultation is included with the prior art search.

  • We cannot gaurantee that all relevant prior art will be found. Specifically, pending US applications are not published until 18 months after they are filed, so even with an exhaustive patent search there is no way to be sure that everything pending at the USPTO has been included.

  • This prior art search should not be confused for a "freedom-to-operate" search or "non-infringement" search. Those searches are assessments of the commercialization potential of a product or service to determine if it can safely be released without risk of infringement lawsuits.

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