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30-minute Consultation

This is a brief introductory meeting over the phone or through video chat. We can cut right to the point to get your questions answered quickly in clearly.

We'll talk about:

  1. Your invention

  2. Your IP protection goals

  3. Available IP strategies

  4. The patent process (timelines, USPTO fees, etc.)


Prior Art Search

Prior art will be gathered using the USPTO Advanced Search Portal (link), Google Patents, and a generalized Google search for already comercialized devices. The findings of the prior art search will be compiled into a spreadsheet search report (pictured) for your review and later reference. The search report will have a brief description of each article of prior art and my opinion of its relevance to your invention.

Prior Art Search Graphic16.png

Application Drafting

  1. Utility Patent Application - Allows the inventor to prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing your invention. ($2,000 - $3,200)

  2. Provisional Application - Protects your invention for a maximum of one year while you refine the design or seek funding. ($1,600 - $2,500)

  3. Design Patent Application - Protects the visual appearance of your product. ($400)


Note: prices are approximate and subject to adjustment depending on invention complexity.

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