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Modern Method Patents
You think it, we ink it!

Professional - Adaptive - Optimistic

Welcome to Modern Method Patents, an intellectual property consulting agency that helps inventors, startups, and small businesses secure meaningful legal protection for their designs and inventions. 


We use the latest tools in web-based communication, living document collaboration, rapid CAD drafting, and language-based AI assistance to deliver A+ patent preparation and prosecution at a reasonable rate.


Your hard-fought seed capital will go further with us.


Bill Kingston, NY
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"James was phenomenal to work with. He helped through every step of the way and explained it very clearly. If you are questioning using him at all don't hesitate. We were blown away by his work."

Diego Allison, TX

"James is incredible! He helped me submit my provisional and nonprovisional utility patents. His background in engineering made it very easy for him to understand my concept and translate it into a patent. I highly recommend James."

Phil Powers, CO

Powers Innovation, LLC

"James is an excellent communicator, an exceptional technical writer, and incredibly adaptable. He's been a pleasure to work with and I'll certainly work with him again."

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Modern Method Patents

1190 North Kraemer Boulevard, Anaheim, CA, USA


(714) 905-9187

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